Keywords: traditions, food, cooking, сossacks, Kievan Rus, feudalism, capitalism, ethnos, bread, differentiation


The article deals with the ideological bias analysis of the evolution of traditional forms of food of the Ukrainian people from ancient times to the present, taking into account all historical, local and socio-cultural factors of influence including other cultures. Basic authentic features of the ancient Slavs nutrition system and subsequent transformational changes in the taste of the Ukrainian people with a projection on the socio-economic realities of a particular historical period in national culture are investigated. In a globalized world, national food traditions are not only a factor in identity identity but also a unique phenomenon of inter-ethnic communication. This is also true of Ukrainian traditional cuisine, whose process of formation has a centuries-old history and dates back to ancient times. In the course of the research, it was found that the primary basis of Ukrainian food culture was the economic component, which is classified as traditional farming, which represented a number of attributive elements. It is proved that the evolution of the traditional Ukrainian food system has been influenced by features of both economic and socio-political nature. Traditional Ukrainian cuisine has its own distinctive features that significantly differentiate it from other cuisines. It is characterized by high consumption of flour products and frequent use of millet. The main ways of cooking are cooking and stewing over frying, and pickling over smoking. Bread, flour foods varied mainly in fish, mushrooms, berries, vegetables, milk and much less often - meat. The special non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages of the Ukrainian cuisine are honey, kvass, whipped, and compotes. It is found that vodka appeared in the 15 th century. Traditional Ukrainian cuisine is the use of vegetables rather than their crushed mixtures. The taste variety of dishes and products in Ukrainian cuisine is achieved through a combination of heat treatment, the use of different fats and the use of local spices. The daily intake of liquid hot meals and pork, bacon and eggs is typical. All regions of Ukraine are characterized by widespread use of table beets and their dishes.


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Author Biography

Lyudmyla Khmelnytska

Candidate of Historical Sciences, assistant
professor of Department of History and
Culture of Ukraine
Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda
State Pedagogical University, 30, Sukhomlynsky Str.,
Kyiv region, Ukraine, 08401

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