• Viktor Tkachenko
Keywords: Easter egg, methodical development, manuals, folk art, art education, historiography


In the article on the basis of processing of versatile materials, the historiography of scientific and educational-methodical developments after which the Easter eggs making is taught are rewiewed. The authors of manuals, methodological work for children of the junior and senior school age are teachers, masters-pysankers who aim not only to teach painting or to making easter egss, but also inaculate love for folk art, develop aesthetic tastes of schoolchildren and, at the same time, educate the younger generation. An important part of such classes is the development of artistic education, creative abilities and knowledge of beauty. The paper uses methods for searching, analyzing, synthesizing and generalizing. Thus, thanks to the search, the latest methodological design of the lessons was collected, analyzed, and generalized, which gives an opportunity to highlight of the question a certain degree. The research materials indicate a constant interest of teachers to the development of Easter eggs. Using them in the lessons of fine art of the school curriculum and in the work of the group indicate that folk art is an integral part of artistic education. This is confirmed by a large number of methodological and other developments in this type of folk art.


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Viktor Tkachenko

Tkachenko Viktor Mykolaiovych – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow, Head of Research Sector of the National Historical and Ethnographic Reserve «Pereyaslav»

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