Some materials from history of the Pechersk fortress according to data of the Russian press of times of Peter І’s rule.

  • Hannah Philipova
Keywords: press, Pechersk fortress, artillery, Nothern war, Peter І, A.D. Menshykov


In the article given it a shoot to describe the Russian press of the XVIII century as one of auxiliary sources for the study of history of Ukraine, and similarly to estimate authenticity of the press as a source. The question of acquisition the artillery park of strengthening of Kyiv is as an example considered, in particular – to the Pechersk fortress. For this purpose the row of accounts was analysed in papers that was produced in the years of rule of Peter of І. By means of comparative analysis and comparison of sources an author were distinguished and reasonable the most unreliable information, and further possibilities of attaching of information are similarly described from the early Russian periodicals to researches of history and way of life in Ukraine of epoch of baroque. At the beginning the XVIII century magazines acquire all greater popularity, and it is assisted by reformative activity of Peter І and his orientation on the western standards of ways of distribution of information. Side by side with this so large value at this time is given proto-imperial and imperial ideological dogmas, and similarly personal subjective monarch’s preferences. But, in any case, the considerable layer of original information, that gives periodicals, can complement vision already of well-known historical events new details.


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