• Valeriya Michuda
Keywords: administrative-territorial system, administrative reform, administrative unit


The article dedicated the problem of Ukraine’s administrative-territorial system in the 50 – 80 of the XX century. The scientists’ works of different areas to issues of our country’s administrative-territorial system had been analysed. The political and geographical significance of the administrative-territorial system had been substantiated. The history of administrative-territorial changes in this period and their impact on the functioning of various spheres of public life had been examined. The low efficiency of a number of measures and their negative impact on the future development of the Ukrainian settlements had been shown, as far as administrative and territorial division into districts based on ideological stereotypes and subjective decisions without objective calculations. Thus, the territorial organization measures subordinated to the desire of the authorities to ensure political control over the territory and population, to identify more effective mechanisms of economic development, to reform the government system. It is exposed that the formation of administrativeterritorial system had a determinant influence on idea of the consolidation, divestment, division settlements on the promising and unpromising, spontaneous measures to reduce the number of management personnel. Other motives transforming of the administrative-territorial system were striving to subordinate its structure of the party power, to achieve propaganda purpose.


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Author Biography

Valeriya Michuda

Michuda Valeriya Valeriyivna – Candidate of History, senior lecturer of the Chair of Geography, Ecology and Teaching Methods of State Higher Educational Establishment «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

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