Hydropower development in Ukraine: historical perspective and prospects.

  • Igor Gaidaienko
Keywords: hydropower, history of the hydropower, hydroelectric, renewable energy, the history of the science and technology


Hydropower in Ukraine passed complicated way – from the fi rst experiments with a water wheel in the ХХ century to the modern hitech complexes, which occupies an area of hundreds of hectares. The rapid development and success in the power industry had become a basis for fundamentally new stage of the using the hydropower resources by converting the energy of the water into electricity by the Hydroelectric Power Plants. All empirical experience gained by national hydro–power engineers made it possible to use the full energy of water for the needs of economy and population of the country. At the present time small hydropower sector is actively growing, but it needs the substantial state support. At present hydropower development can be characterized by the construction of large hydroelectric reservoirs of complex appointment in many countries, a signifi cant increase in the use of hydropower and water resources due to the increasing needs of electricity and water, cities, industry and agriculture, and fl ood protection. Furthermore, in terms of increasing the share of electricity produced by large basic TPP and NPP hydroelectric serve their optimal extension to compensate for peak loads. The objective of the article is to explorate the historical development of the hydropower in Ukraine, the describing its current state and to outline possible prospects of the development of thehydroenergetic sector. Attention is drawn to the need for strict compliance with the conditions and requirements of Ukrainian and international rules on the construction of small hydro power plants without negative effects on the environment. The experience of building small hydropower plants in the USA and Germany confi rms that justifi ed their construction in the natural environment is not only preserved, but also can play previously lost biological life conditions. Small hidrobuilding can become a means of reproduction hydrological condition of drains that are drained.


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