Professor zinoviev’s doctrine of life («zinovyoga») as a successful attempt to save self in the modern super society.

  • Andriy Demyanenko
Keywords: «zinovyoga», rules of life, globalization, society, Westernism, ethics


The essence of the proposed by A. Zinoviev new ethic, which has both a philosophical and practical character, and presented in the form of specifi c rules of life in modern society is considered in the article. «Zinovyoga» is the result of system analysis by prominent philosopher his own life experience, which includes life in the socialist Soviet society, more than two decades in exile and a return to the post-Soviet Russia. As Zinoviev did not leave writings specifi cally on the concept of a new ethic, its provisions must be sought in his sociological stories «Go to Golgatha», «Live!», sociological novels «Homo Sovieticus», «On the Threshold of Paradise», the poems «My Home my Exile», «Gospels for Ivan» and an autobiographical work «The confession of a dissident» and further systematized. The result of such systematization is an attempt in this article to allocate the number of collected in the groups rules and recommendations aimed to give a person the protection of the negative qualities of a modern society, to help maintain their own individuality, soul, spiritual health.


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