• Nazar Kotelnitsky
Keywords: publishing activity, zemsky liberals, «Zemsky collection of Chernigov province», provincial zemsky typography, constructions of resolutions


The publication deals with the publishing activity of zemsky liberals in northern Ukraine at the 60-80th stage. The article addresses the main manifestations of the progressive work of oppositionists in the field of publishing. Based on little-known and little-studied sources, the main directions of the work of liberal zemstvo are shown. The author, using the problem-chronological method, methods of analysis and synthesis, deduction and induction, emphasizes the fact that the powerful efforts of the progressives of the Northern Left Bank problems of publicity, publicity, and educational character of the activities of the zemsky institutions of the region were put on the agenda in full voice. A large-scale process and procedures for publicizing not only the journals of meetings of zemstvo meetings and management reports, but also the sets of decisions, decisions, activities and budget documentary reports in the form of estimates began. The practical actions of representatives of the opposition fronts, aimed at ensuring the set objectives of the humanitarian policy of movement, are highlighted. Unpublished to the publishing activity of the zemstvo institutes, it was possible to introduce a wide public reporting of these institutions to their voters, electorate, taxpayers, who financed the budgets of zemstvos; systematize the results of the activity of all zemsky authorities in the region; the means of enlightenment influence the public community of the province on the one hand - teaching the population on the other - to compete for his sympathy in the context of electoral prospects and the struggle with representatives of the supreme power in the field, which, of course, was in favor of zemsky liberals. Great respect deserves the struggle of representatives of the opposition's fronts for leveling the political censorship of zemstvo publications, the full preservation of the autonomous publishing capacity zemstvos region, public opposition to local administrations of state power. 


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Author Biography

Nazar Kotelnitsky

Kotelnitsky Nazar Anatolievich – Candidate of History, member of the Center for Ukrainian Studies at the Institute of Europe of the RAS.

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